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Smart Coop Door Pro

Keep Your Chickens Safe & Cozy with the TIRYIUOU Solar, Battery & Plug-in Powered, Waterproof Aluminum Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

- Automatic operation with a remote, timer, and light sensor increases convenience and security.
- Easy to install and operate, allowing for quick and easy set up.

This TIRYIUOU Chicken Coop Door is a great choice for anyone looking for a convenient and reliable way to keep their chickens safe and secure. The door is solar powered, battery powered and plug in, meaning you can use whichever power source is most convenient for you. The door is also waterproof, constructed with aluminum and designed to withstand the elements. It also features an automatic opener with a remote, timer, and light sensor, so you can easily open and close the door on your own schedule. This door is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their chickens safe and secure while also having the convenience of an automatic opener.