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QMCAHCE Solar Auto-Chicken Door

Open & Close Your Chicken Coop Door Automatically with QMCAHCE Solar Door Opener & Remote Control!

- Multi-modes: The door opener has multiple modes, allowing for different settings depending on the needs of the user. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to controlling the door opener.
- Durable and weatherproof: The door opener is made of durable and weatherproof materials, making it suitable for all weather conditions. This ensures that the door opener will last for a long time.

The QMCAHCE Solar Automatic Chicken Coop Door is the perfect solution for busy chicken owners. This door opener is designed with a light sensor and timer control to open and close the door automatically. It also comes with a remote control, giving you the ability to control the door from anywhere. The multi-mode auto chicken door opener is easy to install and use, and provides a secure and reliable way to keep your chickens safe. With this door opener, you can rest assured that your chickens will be safe and secure while you're away. The solar powered design ensures that the door will open and close as needed even in low light conditions. With its durable construction and easy to use features, the QMCAHCE Solar Automatic Chicken Coop Door is the perfect choice for any chicken owner.