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Audiolab Solar Chicken Coop Door

Experience the Ultimate in Poultry Safety with the Audiolab Automatic Chicken Coop Door!

- Aluminum construction is durable and long-lasting.
- Anti-pinch function prevents chickens from being injured by the door.

This Audiolab Automatic Chicken Coop Door is the perfect solution for any chicken keeper looking to automate their coop door. It is solar powered, so no need for batteries or plugs. It also features a light sensor and timer, so you can customize when your chickens can enter and leave the coop. The door is made of aluminum, making it strong and durable, as well as predator resistant. An anti-pinch function ensures that your chickens will not be harmed when entering or leaving the coop. This automated chicken coop door is the perfect way to ensure your chickens are safe and secure all day long.